Don’t Miss List: Stanley Bashes Small Churches, Break up with Osteen and More

Andy Stanley Claims People are ‘Selfish’ for Choosing Small Churches

There’s an uproar going on after North Point pastor Andy Stanley bashed small churches and insulted people who choose them by calling them “selfish” and claiming they don’t love their kids.

There’s a ton of reaction online, including this one.

Here’s mine … the Bible tells pastors to be shepherds, not CEOs. Stanley and other mega-church pastors are CEOs due to the sheer size of their churches. I’ll take my tiny little church and its verse-by-verse Bible teaching and pastor who knows my heart for truth and actually listens if I’m concerned by a song we’ve used or if I don’t agree with something he says. I’ll take that anytime over a megachurch and a false teacher like Stanley who openly rejects the biblical calling for a pastor.

10 Reasons to Break Up with Joel Osteen

The Messed Up Church blog has 10 compelling reasons to “break up” with Joel Ostend’s teaching.

Driscoll Update: RICO Lawsuit Names Mark Driscoll

Warren Throckmorton has the news that a civil racketeering suit was filed against Mark Driscoll and Sutton Turner (and names the ECFA as a co-conspirator) for alleged mishandling of church donations.

Why Does God Call Them Shepherds?

Grace to You continues its series about pastors and why the Bible uses the shepherd metaphor to describe their duties.

Together 16: ‘Catalytic Change’ more like cataclysmic syncretism

Berean Examiner takes a look at the people involved in the upcoming Together 16 event.

5 Truths We’re Keeping from Our Youth Groups

Jordan Standridge writes at The Cripplegate about some topics avoided by many youth groups that shouldn’t be avoided.

The Cult of Furtick

This isn’t new, but has a helpful collection of quotes by Elevation Church leader Steven Furtick who continues to deceive and bamboozle folks in North Carolina about what Christianity is and what the Bible teaches. For further evidence, search the Fighting for the Faith archives for Furtick sermons.

The Brian Houston & Hillsong Cornucopia of False Doctrine, Abuse Obfuscation & Money Generation

The Messed Up Church blog has gathered together a bunch of evidence of the myriad problems at Hillsong church. It astounds me how few people are aware of the things that have gone on there.

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