Scandalous Grace (Audio)

God’s grace is a scandalous thing. It offers to rescue even the worst offenders and breakers of God’s laws, if they only repent and believe. There is something in this that offends our merit-based mindsets.Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 1.08.26 PM

That’s why I appreciated the reminder and discussion of the “Scandal of Grace” from No Compromise radio. The audio clip is short (about 25 minutes) and well worth the time.

A few highlight quotes from the episode by Pastor Mike Abendroth:

“The worst person listening today is not beyond the gracious arms of a saving Savior.”

“Faith is so opposite to works because faith looks away from self and says I have nothing to contribute, but I’m looking for my contribution from Christ Jesus.”

“if you could get to heaven by being good, how horrible was it for the Father to pour out wrath on the Son. He didn’t have to do that …. why would he have to pour out his wrath and have his son propitiate the wrath of God?”

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