Don’t Miss List: Self-Evident Truths, Wisdom, PDC updates


Happy Independence Day, to my fellow Americans. Here’s a quick, Don’t Miss List for you.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – Kevin DeYoung (via TGC)

DeYoung remains one of my favorite writers. This timely piece about the “self-evident” truths which the U.S. was founded upon, and the declaration that rights are endowed by God, not government is no exception.

How to Obtain Wisdom from God – a Message about James 1:5-8

Every Christian needs God’s wisdom, and thankfully, God gives it when we ask for it.

James 1:5 came to my mind recently as I was asking God for wisdom in my own life. I was looking up the verse online and found this fantastic message on the Bible passage by Steven J. Cole of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship (posted to The lesson is typed up too, if you prefer to read it rather than listen. Audio is just shy of 40 minutes long.

A Purpose Driven Update 

Rick Warren revived his Purpose Driven Church and held a conference last week. I caught some of the problematic theology on Twitter. You can read more here.

Legal challenge could end Bible classes in New Zealand’s public schools

Last week, I wrote about the current state of a legal challenge in New Zealand to religious instruction for

New Zealand’s Court of Appeal recently breathed new life into a challenge to religious instruction in the country’s public school system, one of the few in the West that still offers Bible classes.

The court said Jeff McClintock’s challenge to religious instruction (RI) classes, the first of its kind, can go back to the High Court, which initially dismissed the case.

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