Don’t Miss List: Floods, God’s Gender and ‘Setting the Record Straight …’

Washed Away – Obbie Todd

The flooding in Louisiana is a real tragedy and has robbed at least 13 people of their lives and damaged at least 40,000 houses. Here’s Pastor Obbie Todd’s first-person account of the 20 minute scramble to abandon his new home in order to protect himself, his wife and twin babies.

No, God Isn’t Transgender

Robert A.J. Gagnon criticizes a recent New York Times op-ed in which someone argued God is transgender. You can find it at First Things.

Sermon Series from Grace To You: Mishandled: Setting the Record Straight on Frequently Abused Bible Verses

Pastor John MacArthur tackles some of the frequently “mishandled” passages of Scripture including “judge not,”the Prodigal Son and more in this series of messages.

My articles on Turkey’s coup fallout and religious freedom, as well as Communist Cuba’s continuing attacks on the faithful

Last week, I wrote about how thousands of people were suspended from employment at religious affairs agency in Turkey as more of the coup fallout. Some religious freedom experts worry this will also harm religious minorities like Christians in Turkey.

This week, I focused on reports from humanitarian and persecution monitoring groups who say Cuba is not improving on human rights or religious freedom since the U.S. restored diplomatic ties to the communist nation.



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