Persecution Updates: Uzbekistan, Canada and Cuba

Uzbekistan’s authoritarian president died recently and it has Christians concerned that religious persecution will only increase.

Christians in Uzbekistan already face severe restrictions on their religion—the worst of any nation in Central Asia. Now they fear an increase in persecution following President Islam Karimov’s death.

Karimov died Sept. 2, days after being hospitalized for a stroke. The government did not acknowledge his illness until hours before his death.

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Christian women in Canada are petitioning parliament to better protect religious freedoms they see eroding.

A conservative, pro-family women’s group in Canada wants greater protections for Christians’ religious freedom and rights of conscience.

REAL Women of Canada says religious freedom has eroded as Canada has sanctioned things like gay marriage, so the group recently launched a petition to present to Parliament.

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Cuba is not be as oppressive as it once was, but that doesn’t mean it treats Christians well.

The restoration of diplomatic ties between the United States and Communist Cuba in 2015 has not yet improved human rights or religious freedom abuses for Cubans.

Instead, some watchdog groups say the repression increased in 2016, and they called on other countries to pressure Cuba over its actions.

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