Don’t Miss List: Updates on refugees, persecution and more

Doctors Without Borders update from Serbia

This update from Serbia about the refugee and migrant crisis there is gut-wrenching and needs to be read. DWB has been treating people including children for injuries, including many sustained by border control authorities. Now many in Serbia are also suffering frostbite or dying from the cold. Whatever your stance on the immigration issues and politics of this, I think it’s essential to remember that these are all humans.

Doctors without Borders stated it well, “Whatever you think about their right to travel to and within Europe, they deserve to be treated as human beings, with dignity. And right now, they’re not.”

Fellow Christians, please remember to keep praying for these people and this crisis as a whole.

New World Watch Lists Catalogs Worst Nations for Christians

Open Doors released its annual World Watch List last Wednesday showing another increase in persecution and deteriorating situation in many countries. Here’s the story I wrote about that for WORLD online.

Activist in danger for criticizing Pakistan’s blasphemy laws

Shaan Taseer is a human rights activist from Pakistan. His remarks about the blasphemy laws there and in favor Asia Bibi put a target on his back. Here’s my story. 

Good news from Mosul

The Free Burma Rangers have a positive update from Mosul on their website from this past weekend. Philos Project also has an update: ISIS Retreats as Iraqi Forces Breach Mosul Strongholds

Sad News in Egypt: Egypt Drops Case Against Mob That Attacked Christian Woman

I wrote about an elderly Coptic woman’s assault last June. It was a horrible story, but worse is this update from the AP this week that prosecutors threw out the case about multiple people involved in the mob attack.

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