GTY Sermon Series: Pillars of Christian Character

While I was browsing programs at Grace to You the other day I came across this 10-message series on Christian character. And I had an idea to listen to one each Wednesday for the next 10 weeks.

Will you join me?

I’ll be sharing those messages in order here and on my Facebook page each Wednesday beginning today. I would love to have some company to discuss the content either in the comments section, on Facebook or via email if you prefer.

If we want to live like Christians (and we should, if we are believers), it is essential to know what that means and what traits that life should exhibit. The first pillar (and first sermon in the series) Pastor MacArthur preaches about as a “pillar” of Christian character is faith. This makes sense since in order to be saved by Jesus, one must have faith in Him. But the sermon goes deeper, looking into the matter of trusting in God and how that comes from being exposed to God’s character through Scripture.


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