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Grace To You’s Seven Last Sayings of Christ Series

Pastor John MacArthur and Grace to You have an excellent series of articles about the final words of Jesus (before he died) perfect for contemplation this Holy Week.

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J.D. Greear’s Thoughts about Jesus’ Suffering

Pastor J.D. Greear has a thoughtful post called Three Lessons from Jesus in His Darkest Valley. Although it focuses on Gethsemane, I still find it helpful this Good Friday morning.

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Fantastic Holy Week Sermonettes

Chris Rosebrough reviews good and bad sermons on his program: Fighting for the Faith. A couple weeks ago he included four brief good sermons from Pastor Ron Hodel in this broadcast.

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Spurgeon Preaches of Jesus, the Passover Lamb

It is Holy week and following Palm Sunday my thoughts are pulled forward to Maundy Thursday. My church is so small it doesn’t have service this Thursday night to  solemnly remember the Last Supper of Christ and His grief as … Continue reading

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A Song for Holy Week

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us – Fernando Ortega

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