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Dan Phillips Sermon “What Do I Have to Do With Christ’s Church?”

Why does the Bible tell us to be a part of a local church? Why should we find a good local church and become a part of it? 

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Don’t Miss List: Avoid the Prosperity Gospel, on Pastoral ‘Calls’ and More

A list of the articles I saw (mostly through twitter) this week and found very helpful. 3 Reasons You Should Reject the Prosperity Gospel – RAAN Cole Brown of the Reformed African American Network does as excellent job here of … Continue reading

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From Team Pyro: Blackaby’s Non Sola Scriptura

The protestant departure from Sola Scriptura, the principle that the Scriptures alone provide all the truth needed to find salvation and to grow in godliness, has troubled me for some time. I find it at the root of many false … Continue reading

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