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An Ordinary Pastor Explains the Problem of ‘Sola Experiencia’

Thanks to Marcia Montenegro and Sola Sisters I found this great post on Ordinary Pastor about the problem of relying on experience. Since this is an issue I write a lot about here at Steak and a Bible, I just … Continue reading

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I’m Not Watching Aronofsky’s Noah, But …

That’s right I said it. Actually I said it on Twitter a couple days ago too, but I’m not going to spend money to watch Darren Aronofsky’s new movie: Noah. Why? Because when I hear Noah, I think of Noah from … Continue reading

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Ancient Heresies and Why They Still Matter

Thanks to Pirate Christian Radio I found out that Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church is doing a series of messages on ancient heresies. I’ve listened to the one on Gnosticism and agree completely with Johnson that this heresy is … Continue reading

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