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Denny Burk Nails the Problem of Trump’s Speech at Liberty U

I am a graduate of Liberty University. I am not a Donald Trump supporter. I also rarely wade into politics on this site. I’m making an exception in this case, to share a post on the subject of Donald Trump speaking at … Continue reading

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A Must Listen Podcast for Everyone at Liberty University

Apparently Hillsong’s Brian Houston spoke at Liberty University convocation recently and encouraged students to have a dream. The problem is he completely distorted the story of Joseph in order to try to sell this idea as Biblical teaching.

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Not What I Expected: ‘Being Gay at Jerry Falwell’s University’

I rarely ever read The Atlantic. I’m conservative and Christian and I just don’t read their publication, 99.9 percent of the time. But this story falls into the 0.1 percent and I’m glad I did. The article, “Being Gay at … Continue reading

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My Rick Warren story and a giveaway

I wish I could remember the first time I heard of megachurch pastor Rick Warren or the first time I was introduced to his Purpose Driven Life (PDL) book. I know that it was sometime before the fall of 2003, … Continue reading

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Warren: Scripture twisting, eisegesis and allegorization

Despite Warren’s recent tweet condemning imaginary people for reading the cross into every verse of the Bible, Warren himself has been guilty of eisegesis. Let me show you just a few examples. In case the word is unfamiliar, eisegesis is … Continue reading

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What I’m reading today

Just a few pieces to share today. In case there was any doubt Thomas Merton was heavily influenced by Buddhism just check out this update from Lighthouse Trails. Pirate Christian himself gives very easy to follow instructions on “How to … Continue reading

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Telling Stories?

I was foraging through a number of my favorite websites this week and spotted a video clip on Brannon Howse’s Worldview Weekend that was from my alma mater: Liberty University. It turns out the video is from a convocation back … Continue reading

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