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Dangerous Spiritual Formation Practices Influencing Kids

I’ve warned a little bit here about Richard Foster and his spiritual disciplines as well as the dangers of contemplative spirituality. That’s why I want to share this update about “spiritual formation” and how it could be impacting your children … Continue reading

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LHT update about Jesus Calling

Given my concern over Jesus Calling I wanted to share this important update from Lighthouse Trails as soon as I could. They reported two days ago that Thomas Nelson, the publisher of Sarah Young’s book, has issued a new version … Continue reading

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Praise God! LHT Shares Story of Church that Turned Back from Contemplative Practices

This headline just made my morning! From Lighthouse Trails Research: “Church Heading Toward Contemplative Turns Around After Seeing the Evidence.” Someone from Texas wrote in to LHT to encourage them with the news of how their materials were able to … Continue reading

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Discernment Reading

Since I can’t write much I wanted to share a few things from around the internet. From Lighthouse Trails: The Roots of Spiritual Formation. You NEED to read this. I cannot stress the importance of understanding where “spiritual formation” comes … Continue reading

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Context, context, context.

Context is key in everything. It can be awkward to join a conversation in the middle. Often things are confusing, hilarious or even inappropriate sounding when you’re missing the rest of the information. Reading the Bible is no exception. In … Continue reading

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