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Just for Fun: William and Maeva’s Pro Classic Lindy Hop from ILHC 2014

I spent the past weekend dancing and watching incredible lindy hoppers. There were a number of really inspiring routines and social dance competitions. Here is one really powerful example for your viewing pleasure.

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Don’t Miss List: Dr. Brantly Survives Ebola, Good Samaritan Sermons and More

It’s been a long and crazy week here. I couldn’t post at the beginning of the week because I was out of town visiting cousins that live on the West Coast and rarely get to see. We went hiking and … Continue reading

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Confession: I’m a crazy dancer

I have mentioned before that I’m a swing dancer. More accurately, I’m a lindy hopper (as in, one who dances the lindy hop). If you read my explanation of how this blog came to be you might remember I was … Continue reading

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