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Book Review: We Need an Explicit Gospel, but Chandler’s Isn’t Perfect

At long last – a review of The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler with Jared Wilson. A big thank you to Crossway Books for the review copy. Part of the reason this took me so very long was that I … Continue reading

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Concerns about Matt Chandler’s The Village Church

I happened to visit Apprising Ministries website today and when I spied a post about Matt Chandler and The Village Church what I read troubled me greatly. First, Silva pointed out the covenant for membership at the church. Pretty common … Continue reading

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It’s here!

Today I opened my mailbox and found this. Thanks to Crossway for the review copy. I plan to start reading tonight and will have my review posted as soon and I can. I was initially encouraged after watching this promo … Continue reading

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Falsified: The Danger of False Conversion is available in ebook form for a very good price. I’ve heard good things about it, but haven’t read it. I’ll try to write something on it once I have. The authors, Vincent and Lori … Continue reading

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