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After Hit Job, Newsweek Runs Michael Brown’s Rebuttal to Anti-Bible Story

I’ve posted several critiques of the shoddy anti-Christian Newsweek story attacking the Bible. Now, to the magazine’s credit it has at least published a rebuttal by Dr. Michael Brown. It’s a fantastic piece.

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Dr. James White Refutes Newsweek’s Anti-Christian Cover Story (Part 2)

On yesterday’s Dividing Line, Dr. James White picked up where he’d left off in his refutation of the Newsweek cover story attacking the Bible. If you missed the first part you can find it from here.

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Dr. James White Refutes Newsweek Cover Story about the Bible

I was going to put this in a Don’t Miss List later this week, but it is too important. By now you’ve almost certainly read or at least heard about Newsweek’s Christmas issue attack on the Bible. 

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