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“The True Gospel”

“The true gospel is an announcement that Jesus Christ lived, and died and rose again to make a perfect, once for all, atonement for sin and thereby purchase full justification and a right standing before God for everyone who trusts … Continue reading

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Audio: Phil Johnson on Fundamentalism

Everyone’s heard the term “fundamentalism” or fundamentalist applied to Christianity, but what did that mean originally, how did it change over time, what did it have right and wrong, and what is its relationship to evangelicalism? Phil Johnson answers those … Continue reading

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Is That Voice in Your Head from God?

There is so much confusion today regarding how to hear from God. Many people embrace the idea of direct revelation: God guiding them through subjective impressions, words (audible or internal), dreams and visions. I don’t.

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A Great Sermon to Start the Week

Fighting for the Faith aired this excellent sermon from Phil Johnson more than a week ago. I always appreciate his teaching, and this message on “the superiority of Scripture” based on Psalm 19 (my favorite Psalm actually!) so I wanted … Continue reading

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‘Boy Who Went Heaven’ Writes Letter Dealing a Blow to “Heavenly Tourism” Books

Supposedly, when Alex Malarkey was six years old he went to heaven and lived to tell about it. Now, as a teenager he has publicly admitted that the story was not true and he does not want the lie to … Continue reading

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Sermon Recommendation: Phil Johnson Explains Why God Gave the Law

I found this audio at Fighting for the Faith and it is fantastic. I highly recommend Phil Johnson’s explanation of the purpose of the law and critique of certain incorrect views about the law. It was particularly useful for me … Continue reading

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Sermon Recommendation: Phil Johnson Health and Wealth

I love Phil Johnson’s sermons. I got to hear him speak at a discernment conference a couple years ago and it was great stuff. So I was thrilled that last Friday’s episode of Fighting for the Faith including a sermon … Continue reading

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