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Revolt in Secular Quebec

My most recent Daily Dispatch for World has been published. I tackled the uproar over a religious symbols ban proposed in secular Quebec, Canada.

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Five Surprising Things You’ll Learn from Crucifying Morality

One of best things about life getting back to normal is that I have time to read again. This past weekend I finished up Pastor R. W. Glenn’s book: Crucifying Morality: The Gospel of the Beatitudes.” I’ll admit, I’ve always found … Continue reading

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Refreshed and Encouraged

This morning was the first Sunday I was back at my own church in a couple of weeks due to some traveling. I love to travel, but three trips in four weeks was a little too much. But what I … Continue reading

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Pet Peeve: Quoting from the Pulpit

I really have been disconnected from the discernment blogosphere in the past couple weeks, because I didn’t know anything about this until yesterday. “This” being the concern over John MacArthur favorably quoting Dallas Willard many years ago. The first I … Continue reading

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Must read: Advice from a last year seminary student …

I saw a tweet yesterday linking to a fantastic letter of advice written by Jerod who is about to begin his final semester in seminary. His letter is to students just beginning seminary, but I highly recommend checking it out … Continue reading

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Can charismatic spiritual experiences be like a drug?

I found a fascinating testimony from Tony Miano about his time in a charismatic church. I think he does a good job expressing real concerns about the subject without condemning people who have been caught up in those experiences.

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Podcast Recommendation: 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice?

The issue of listening for God’s voice is something I’ve consistently expressed concern over here at Steak and a Bible. That and a related “two-way journaling process” is the reason I reject Sarah Young’s books including “Jesus Calling.” I was … Continue reading

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Flashback: “We’re going to root this stuff out of our ministry.”

A year ago today, I shared a message from The First Baptist Church of Johnson City, N.Y. in which the pastor apologized to his congregation and delivered one of the most thorough warnings about false teaching I’ve heard. It is … Continue reading

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Psalm 96 – Worship and Evangelize

I read this Psalm a couple days ago and really wanted to share the whole thing with you. Psalm 96 (ESV):

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The Offense of the Cross

A quote by Martin Lloyd-Jones preaching out of Romans about Paul’s statement that he is not ashamed of the gospel. Lloyd-Jones points out that the true gospel offends by necessity, false gospels do not. “The offense of the cross is … Continue reading

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